About Us

"Things have never been more like the way they are today in history." Dwight D. Eisenhower

Revived Archive was founded to bring a renewed interest to some of the most badass materials that have been preserved for the last few hundred years or so. Content created in the past is so important and has value in today's world. We hope that some of the materials we have unearthed and reproduced (t-shirts, posters, stickers and more) to not only be something you wear, use and see everyday but something that reminds you of the past and motivates you to create a better future. 

We are not creating original content. All of the materials we are using are copyright free and/or used with proper permission. We are curating posters, pictures, maps, lithographs, prints, original artwork, you-name-it, from numerous sources including: libraries, archives, and museums. We are making some amazingly comfy t-shirts, classic and cozy crewnecks, standard hoodies, some baseball tees, some stickers. A little of this and a little that.

We have a deep respect for the past and are constantly learning from it. We always do our absolute best to pay proper credit to the original creators of the materials we use. All of our items cite the source and include the link to the original digital source.

All of our products are custom made once they are ordered. No warehouse or wasted inventory. Our shipping times maybe be a little longer but it's worth the wait! All of our items for sale are unisex and we offer as many sizes and colors as possible.

To show our respect to all of the historians, archivists, and librarians out there preserving the past we donate $1.00 per item ordered to various museums, archives, libraries, etc. 

Have fun. Be nice. :)